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THE WIDER LENS, poems, Amy Minato
ISBN: 1-877655- $7, saddlestitched with wraparound cover, limited edition


THE CHRONICLES OF THE WITHERING STATE, sequence of poems and prose poems, David Axelrod
ISBN: 1-877655-43-0, $7, saddlestitched limited edition

Out of Print

In The Chronicles of the Withering State, David Axelrod has created a future historian's collage of the post-Cold War era. In poetry and prose, The Chronicles of the Withering State asks the question, "What does it mean that Capitalism 'defeated' Communism?" and examines the psychic results of that "triumph." This chapbook is an interesting blending of existential doubt and compassionate melancholy, balancing memory and the sensuous connection to the natural world with the confusion and entropy of a "withering state." Its politics and sense of injustice are subtle, refined, and intelligent, guided by conscience and compassion, yet not afraid to explore the dark passages of a mature mind. The Chronicles of the Withering State is part of a larger work, The Cartographer's Melancholy, another long sequence of which, a poem titled "Indirections," was selected as the winner of the 2003 Kay Deeter Award which appeared in Fine Madness.

David Axelrod is author of Jerusalem of Grass and The Kingdom at Hand. A collection of nonfiction, Troubled Intimacies, was recently released by Oregon State University Press; essays and poems appear in Alaska Quarterly Review, Boulevard, Cimarron Review, Hubbub, Kenyon Review, Luna, Quarterly West, and many others. He is co-editor of the Northwest Literary Review, Basalt, and Attic Press. He lives in La Grande and teaches at Eastern Oregon University.


THE ROCK'S COLD BREATH: The Selected Poems of Li He, translated from the Chinese by Jodi Varon
ISBN: 1-877655-42-2, $7, saddlestitched with wraparound cover, limited edition

Out of Print

"Li He is a Tang poet who set himself apart from the polite sensibility of his forebears...He was uncommon in his poetics, and both celebratory and morose in his many personae. His natural world is fecund with lotus, orchids, and islands ringed by willows. Whirlwinds breathe, alligators hum, dragons grieve, and the poet gallops recklessly on white mist. The sheer force and energy of his poems place Li He almost two millennia ahead of his time. He would have been a soul mate of Coleridge, or better yet, Baudelaire and Trakl." (From translator's intoduction)

After earning her B.A. degree from the University of Colorado, Jodi Varon taught English in Taiwan. She earned her MFA degree from the University of Montana and her Ph.D. from Ohio University. Her translations of the correspondence of the John Day, Oregon Chinese herbal doctor Ing Hay and his business associate Lung On appear in Talking on Paper: Oregon Letters and Diaries. Her poems appear in numerous magazines and anthologies. Also a fiction and non-fiction writer, she has received the William Stafford Fellowship in Nonfiction from Oregon Literary Arts, Fishtrap Imnaha Writers Fellowships and an award in nonfiction from New Millenium Writing. She teaches English and Writing at Eastern Oregon University and is co-editor of the poetry magazine Basalt, formerly Calapooya

I AM MADAGASCAR: On Moving West from New England poems, Ellen Waterston
ISBN: 1-877655-41-4, $10, winner of the 2005 Willa Award for Poetry from Women Writing the West, second edition Artwork by Rick Bartow

Out of Print

As a New Englander who married and moved to the ranching West, Ellen Waterston's work is rooted in both of those cultural and geographic landscapes. Her poetry, essays and short stories have been published in numerous anthologies and reviews. Her non-fiction, Then There was No Mountain, The Parallel Odyssey of a Mother and Daughter Through Addiction was published by Rowman and Littlefield in the fall of 2003. She is the recipient of a 2003 Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship. Waterston is the president of Waterston Communications, a strategic planning and public information firm. She is also the co-founder of the Writing Ranch which supports the creative, craft and career needs of writers through workshops and retreats. She recently had the honor of opening for Maya Angelou at her reading in Bend.


THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HILL: A Serial Poem by Eighteen Eastern Oregon Poets, with introduction by Jack Lorts,
ISBN: 1-877655-40-6, $5, saddlestitched limited edition

Out of Print

This poetry chapbook features segments by: Jack e. Lorts,
Grey Elliott, George Venn, Thomas Madden, David Axelrod
Jodi Varon, David Memmott, Misha Nogha, Sara Miller, Cathy Jontos-Putnam, Pamela Sue Steele, Suzanne Burns, Ellen Waterston, Donny O'Ryan, Tina Castanares, Rob Whitbeck
Phillip Mahaffey, and Jarold Ramsey.

"From the Eastern slopes of the Cascades, rising more than 10,000 feet into whiteness, to the steppes of the Snake; from high rolling grasslands, to the abrupt endlessness of the Steens; from the ruggedness of the barely peopled Ochocos to a high desert that seems to go south forever. This is the land of which the poets in these pages speak." (From the introduction.)

WEST OF PARADISE, poems, George Venn
1-877655-31-7, $12 finalist for 1998 Oregon Book Award for Poetry


"This is poetry of big love, great heart. George Venn's scale is immense and inclusive... The only other poet I know whose work has such range is Tom McGrath who, like George Venn, told the stories of his region in such a way as to make them magical, luminous, and permanent..." -- James Bertolino, author of First Credo, Quarterly Review of Literature Poetry Series

"In West of Paradise George Venn covers the territory from aluminum foil-covered coffee cans full of flowers at grave sites to emperor penguins carrying their eggs on the tops of their feet. Whether dealing with the Colfax Grade or the great undulations of the Palouse, he is a master of the detail that exudes the spirit of place, of time, of the hopes and joys of the human soul." -- Karen Swenson, author of The Landlady in Bangkok

"West of Paradise conjures the rural Northwest's colorful characters and the hard-edged codes they live by... Here, too, are the places we love--Hells Canyon, the Wallowas, the Imnaha River--all carved knifeblade sharp. Once again, George Venn offers a collection to treasure." -- Craig Lesley, author of The Sky Fisherman



GRAVES OF WHEAT, poems, Thomas Madden
1-877655-22-8, $7.95

Out of Print


"A quiet kingdom hums beneath the surface of Madden's lyrics. These are quiet poems that might just sneak up on you and whisper something to your inner ear, something you were not aware you were listening for." -- Ron McFarland, author of The Haunting Familiarity of Things

THE KINGDOM AT HAND , long narrative poem, David Axelrod, ISBN: 1-877655-09-0, $5 (limited supply)







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