PD7: Creatures Born of a Long Denial Pushcart Nominations

Congratulations to the follow contributors to PD7: Creatures Born of a Long Denial.

“The Marvellous Book,” story by Fiona Marshall

“The Squeal,” story by Tom Weller

“Wings and Wires,” story by Jennifer Pullen

“Loorus,” poem by GennaRose Nethercott

“Forest Miniatures,” poem by Rebecca Lilly

“Near Streams I Sometimes Think I Hear Her,” poem by Lynn Pattison

Thank you for your contributions to this year’s issue.

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Contributors for PD5: Navigating the Slipstream

We have completed selections for Phantom Drift 5: Navigating the Slipstream

Fiction: Adam Berlin, Peter Copenhaver, Giovanni De Feo, Anna Lea Jancewicz, Stephen Langlois, Alise Miller, Maggie Nye, Brenda Peynado, C. A. Schaefer, Thomas Wharton, Evan Morgan Williams

Poetry: Laura Bernstein-Machlay, Mohineet Kaur Boparai, Gray Campbell, Emily Carnevale, Grant Clauser, Jeff Friedman, Thomas Alan Holmes, Michael Keenan, Rebecca Lilly, Mary McMyne, Bruce McRae, John Morrison, Gregg Murray, Kristine Ong Muslim, Ki Russell, Jordan Sanderson, J.J. Steinfeld, Trevor Tingle

Nonfiction: Peter Grandbois, Matt Schumacher

Featured Artist: Alfredo Benavidez Bedoya

Cover Artist: Paul Lewin

Congratulations on helping us put together a great issue.

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Jamie Bishop Memorial Award

The International Association for the Fantastic in the Arts’ Jamie Bishop Memorial Award will be open for submissions of “critical essays on the fantastic written in a language other than English.” Winner will receive $250 US and one year membership in IAFA. The IAFA defines the fantastic to include science fiction, folklore, and related genres in literature, drama, film, art and graphic design, and related disciplines.

The award honors, Jamie Bishop, the son of Michael and Jeri Bishop who was among those killed in the Virginia Tech massacre of April 16, 2007.

For more information: http://www.fantastic-arts.org/awards/jamie-bishop-memorial-award/


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First Annual Phantom Drift Ensemble Reading at AWP (offsite)

PD Ensemble Reading at AWP15, Mason's Resaurant and Barre

PD Ensemble reading, AWP15, Mason’s Restaurant and Barre


Greg Murray reading

Gregg Murray reading









As a new editor on the Phantom Drift team, I just wanted to say how much fun I had hanging out with my fellow authors at the first annual Phantom Drift reading at the AWP event in Minneapolis this past weekend. The event was held at Mason’s Restaurant and Bar, and I’m happy to say the PD crowd filled that bar to capacity. Jennifer Pullen started the evening out with a totally engaging fabulist piece. I won’t spoil it except to say there is a particularly sinister witch. What made her reading even more amazing was the way she navigated the difficulties of an erratic microphone. Once we got a new mic, Gregg Murray took over, regaling us with a series of vampire poems we’ll never forget. But the night was full of unforgettable moments, such as Jacob Rakovan’s darkly poignant lyrics delivered with a thunderous bass voice, John Brown Spiers and Allegre Hyde’s absurdist humor, Kailyn McCord and Laurie Foos’ gorgeous prose, Aaron Anstett’s incantatory poetry, and, last but not least, Anja Notanja Sieger’s jazz-like cat riffs. I want to thank each and every one of the readers as well as everyone who came out to see them. It was especially great to hang out with so many of you after the reading. Let’s hope this Phantom Drift reading becomes an AWP tradition! – Peter Grandbois (All photos by Peter Grandbois)

Allegre Hyde reading

Allegre Hyde reading


Jacob Rakovan reading

Jacob Rakovan reading


Jennifer Pullen reading

Jennifer Pullen reading


Kailyn McCord reading

Kailyn McCord reading


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Phantom Drift Celebrates AWP With Special Discounts

Beginning March 1 through May 31, 2015, in celebration of the 2015 AWP Annual Conference and Bookfair, Phantom Drift will be offering a Special Discount of 33% if you buy all four issues, 1 – 4, $40 (media book U.S. only shipping included), or 20% on purchase of any single issue or preorders for Issue 5, $12 (media book U.S. only shipping included). Offer available only through our website: www.phantomdrift.org.

Bookmark Back

Four Issues for $40

If you’re attending AWP in Minneapolis, Minnesota, we would like to invite you to an offsite ensemble reading on Saturday evening, April 11th, 7 p.m., at Mason’s Restaurant and Barre on 528 Hennepin Avenue. We will be in the front room and will have a mic. Readers are: Aaron Anstett, Brian Evenson, Laurie Foos, Gail Griffin, Allegre Hyde, Thomas E. Kennedy, Kailyn McCord, Gregg Murray, Jennifer Pullen, Jacob Rakovan, Anja Notanja Sieger, co-hosted by Matt Schumacher, Phantom Drift Poetry Editor, and Peter Grandbois, Fiction Co-Editor.

Drop by the New Pages booth and check out the last two issues which will be on display.

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Phantom Drift Off-Site Ensemble Reading at AWP

Phantom Drift/AWP News

February 26, 2015

Although Phantom Drift will not have a booth or table at AWP this year, two issues will be on display at New Pages booth. So drop by and mention the journal to the folks at New Pages.

Two of our editors, Peter Grandbois, Fiction Co-Editor, and Matt Schumacher, Poetry Editor, will be attending.

We have set up an off-site ensemble reading on Saturday, April 11, 7 p.m., at Mason’s Restaurant and Barre on 528 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis. We will be in the front room and will have a mic. Peter and Matt will host the event.

The following readers are on the list which will make for a fairly packed 1 1/2 hour event so we’re unable to accept any more readers. The readers below will each have 7 minutes to read.

Jennifer Pullen
Thomas E. Kennedy
Gail Griffin
Laurie Foos
Anja Notanja Sieger
Aaron Anstett
Jacob Rakovan
Gregg Murray
Allegre Hyde
Kailyn McCord
Brian Evenson
Matt Schumacher
Peter Grandbois

If you need more information, contact one of the host editors: Matt (phantomdriftpoetry@yahoo.com); Peter (grandboisp@denison.edu).

For those of you attending AWP, we hope you will join us for a fabulist evening.

David Memmott, Managing Editor

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PD Contributor Robert Guffey has new book

Robert Guffey, a contributor to PD2, announced the publication of a new book. Chameleo: A Strange but True Story of Invisible Spies, Heroin Addiction, and Homeland Security. Pat Cadigan, author of Mindplayers says “Guffey is my kind of crazy. He understands that the universe is preposterous, life is improbable, and chaos rules: get used to it.” Congratulations, Robert.

Nothing kills a buzz quite like smuggled equipment from the Department of Defense, so Dion learns when an AWOL Marine with a bag full of stolen gear decides to crash at his beachside drug den. Soon enough, Dion is being trailed by jarheads and accusing invisible midgets of rearranging his furniture. Things start coming into focus when Dion’s friend, Robert Guffey, discovers that Dion may be the unwitting test subject for technologies stolen from “Project Chameleo,” an experimental electro-optical camouflage being developed by the military. It’s now up to Guffey to sort the truth from the meth-fueled hallucinations in this darkly humorous true story.

Robert Guffey is a lecturer in the Department of English at California State University–Long Beach. A graduate of the famed Clarion Writers Workshop in Seattle, he is the author of a collection of novellas entitled Spies & Saucers (PS Publishing, 2014). His first book of nonfiction, Cryptoscatology: Conspiracy Theory as Art Form, was published in 2012. He her written stories for numerous magazines and anthologies, among them Fortean Times, Mysteries, Nameless Magazine, New Dawn, The New York Review of Science Fiction, Paranoia, The Third Alternative, and Video Watchdog Magazine.

Chameleo will be available April 23, 2015, from OR Books. Paperback $18. 978-1-939293-69-5, E-book, $10, 978-1-939293-701, 280 pages. MEDIA CONTACT: matthew.schantz@orbooks.com


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WHEN YOU FIND US WE WILL BE GONE by Christopher Linforth

Christopher Linsforth has a new collection of stories titled after his story published in Phantom Drift, When You Find Us We Will Be Gone (Lamar University Press, 2014)

In these twelve stories, Christopher Linforth explores the complexities, difficulties, and troubling alienation of the modern world. This diverse, innovative collection spans the globe and includes elegant meditations on a failing relationship in post-Communist Croatia, a violin appraiser’s quest to auction a rare Stradivarius, a difficult and troubling father-son relationship in 1950s Levittown,  a posse of cowboys hired to round-up feral cattle in Japan, and a post-modern novella charting the identity breakdown of a writer.

“Whether Christopher Linforth is writing about cowboys in Fukushima, once-famous Czech violinists, or insurance salesmen in Levittown, his fiction always exhibits the combination of intelligence and compassion that is the hallmark of the best writers. When You Find Us We Will Be Gone is an auspicious debut collection by an exciting young writer.”  –Ed Falco, author of Sabbath Night in the Church of the Piranha: New and Selected Stories, and the New York Times Bestselling novel, The Family Corleone

“In When You Find Us We Will Be Gone, Christopher Linforth takes us on a multicultural trip around the globe. His stories can be gritty and realistic, absurdist and surrealistic, delectably post-modern or wryly traditional, deeply ironic or disarmingly romantic. But whatever the setting and whatever the point of view, Linforth’s powerful prose makes us care about ordinary people plagued by extraordinary yearnings.”–Lucinda Roy, author of Lady Moses and The Hotel Alleluia




Speculations cover

Speculations Cover

This speculative fiction collection includes traditional stories as well as highly imaginative pieces crafted out of scholarly essays, ersatz book and TV reviews, a glossary of lost cults, a self-guided museum tour, and even a nonsensical diet plan. M.V. Montgomery continues to spin fiction out of practically anything, and it is invariably the kind that makes you laugh and think, and then perhaps surf the net to see whether groups like the Verticists or Thecans ever existed . . . by which point, you’ll be wishing they did.

“One of the most thought-provoking and entertaining works of science fiction I have ever read. Funny, clever, and deeply philosophical throughout.”  –Spencer Green, author of The Alliance

“The twenty-five short, sharp shocks in Speculations show M.V. Montgomery unafraid to tackle the Big Questions, but more than willing to articulate the complex absurdity of humanity’s answers. Call these remarkable stories conspiracy parables; place them in the classic tradition of Borges and Lem, and the contemporary practice of James Morrow and Ben Loory—but whatever you do, read them right now.” –F. Brett Cox, co-editor of Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic

 “Rich with ideas . . . Speculations provides a hint of how far Montgomery’s imagination might take us.” –Jessica E. Thomas, author of The Quiet Tyranny



Helen Marshall’s poetry chapbook, The Sex Lives of Monsters, won the Elgin Chapbook Award from the Science Fiction Poetry Association. Congratulations, Helen. Helen was a contributor to Phantom Drift 2: Valuable Estrangements.

In The Sex Lives of Monsters, award-winning poet Helen Marshall weaves together ancient myths and urban legends in a poignant exploration of what it means to be monstrous. These poems are peopled with gods, murderers and marvels, with Bigfoot and Billy the Kid. Gorgeous and disturbing, comically sly and colored with sadness, Marshall revels in our animal selves and their angel traces, in gum wrappers, subway ads, love letters and the crooked children left behind to sit through them.

“Helen Marshall goes to the heart of myth and gives us beautiful, mournful monsters, aching to feel whole.” –Linda D. Addison, How to Recognize a Demon Has Become Your Friend (2011 Bram Stoker Aware Winner)

“You will be transfixed.” –Marge Simon, Vampires, Zombies & Wanton Souls (2012 Bram Stoker Award Winner


Congratulations to Christopher, MV and Helen, and thanks for sharing the good news.

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Phantom Drift Receives Oregon Literary Arts Publishing Fellowship

Announcements were made by Oregon Literary Arts, Inc. http://www.literary-arts.org/what-we-do/oba-home/that Phantom Drift received a Publishing Fellowship. Fiction Co-Editor, Leslie What, will be representing the journal at a reception on January 22nd. According to Managing Editor, David Memmott, Phantom Drift is one of the few literary journals in the United States focused on fabulist writing. “We aim to nurture the literature of fabulism, the fantastic, and the surreal by publishing an appealing, top-quality literary journal featuring only the best of fiction and poetry from the U.S. and abroad. Our support for writers takes the form of not only providing a showcase for their works, but offering payment, a practice that both assures us the best of writers’ work and supports literature as a whole.” The journal does not charge submission fees and is open for submission from January 1 – March 1. Issue Number Four, subtitled “Between the Real and the Impossible (October 2014) includes both established and new writers from across the U.S. and Canada as well as from Hong Kong, Australia, and Wales.

Phantom Drift has won wide praise and has furthered Oregon’s stature as a home of superb imaginative literature.  In her review for New Pages [Feb. 2013], Julie J. Nichols says this about our second issue:  “This is a wonderful magazine, an awesome one—full of wonder…not a magazine to take lightly, but it sparks with light.”

The non-profit organization’s commitment to publishing the journal is reinforced by their outreach efforts, including their presence at Wordstock in Portland, Eastern Oregon Word Round-Up in Pendleton, and various ensemble readings. The journal was featured on “Talking Earth” (KBOO Radio, Portland) and has been a centerpiece in the workshop, “Writing the Weird” by poetry editor, Matt Schumacher, which has been presented in Crescent City (College of the Redwoods), La Grande (co-sponsored by Arts East and made possible by a grant from Union County Cultural Coaltion), Oregon City  (Clackamas Community College ) and Newport (Writers on the Edge).

Fiction Co-Editor, Martha Bayless writes “Responses from readers, teachers, submitters and contributors strongly indicate that fabulist literature has been underrepresented in the American commercial marketplace, but that there is a great hunger for innovative imaginative writing. This operating grant from Literary Arts, Inc., will help the journal attain the next level where its editors hope to connect more with a growing  community around the world.

In January, Phantom Drift announced the addition of a new fiction co-editor, Peter Grandbois, who brings with him a rich background in fabulist literature. Grandbois also serves as an editor for the surrealist journal, Boulevard, and teaches at Denison University in Ohio.

Submissions can be made through the website at: www.phantomdrift.org

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Phantom Drift Announces New Fiction Co-Editor

Grandbois photo

New Fiction Co-Editor

Phantom Drift Limited is excited to announce the addition of Peter Grandbois to our editorial staff. Peter will be sharing the fiction editing load with Leslie What and Martha Bayless. He is an Associate Professor of Creating Writing and Literature at Denison University in Ohio. His specialty is fabulist and magic realist literature. He served as an associate editor at Narrative Magazine for four years and is currently an associate editor at Boulevard Magazine. Peter’s novel The Gravedigger was selected by Barnes and Noble for its “Discover Great New Writers” program. The Arsenic Lobster: A Hybrid Memoir was chosen as one of the top five memoirs of 2009 by the Sacramento News and Review. His novel Nahoonkara won the gold medal in literary fiction in ForeWord magazine’s Book of the Year Awards for 2011. He has also published a collection of surreal flash fictions, Domestic Disturbances. His essays, plays, and short stories have appeared in numerous journals and been shortlisted for both the Pushcart Prize and Best American Essays.


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